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Slimming Package

Tone your body, shape it up, lift and tighten with our specialists and get real results from advanced fat freezing, body shaping and muscle sculpting machines and techniques

Package Includes:

Prior to your session, you’ll consult the dietitian, starting with a free body analysis which will evaluate your body fat, and muscle content to choose the best treatment plan for you, the specialist will advise you to the best plan that suits your body goal.

Slimming Treatment Package

Silver Bridal Package

3700 / AED

Body Shaping, Toning And Skin Tightening Package

2800 / AED

Body Slimming And Toning

2200 / AED

Body Shaping & Skin Tightening Package

2700 / AED

Body Maintenance Package

1800 / AED

Area Skin Tightening And Shaping Package

1200 / AED

Area Skin Tightening Package

1200 / AED

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