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Our pharmacy offers a wide range of medications, supplements, skincare products, and more. Trust us for your healthcare needs.

Our Pharmacy

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

Explore our pharmacy for a wide range of healthcare products, including trusted brands, dental care, supplements, and more. Your health matters to us.

Premium Healthcare Essentials

Explore our Pharmacy for all your healthcare requirements. From medications and dental hygiene to supplements, hair and skincare products, we offer a curated selection, backed by our team of healthcare experts. 

Convenient delivery is available in the Aljazzat, Sharjah Surroundings.

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Nandini Rajagopal

I'm delighted to have found the British Medical Complex Pharmacy. Their selection of specialized medications and beauty items is impressive. The delivery option to Aljazzat is a convenient bonus

Fahd Al-Sabah

I stumbled upon their Pharmacy and was pleasantly surprised. They stock rare supplements and dietary products. The staff is kind and well-informed.

Zainab Khaleel

They have an array of unique medications and skincare products. The quality is top-notch, and their service is impeccable. It's my preferred pharmacy in Sharjah

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, and specialty dietary products. Our selection caters to various health and wellness needs.

Most over-the-counter medications do not require a prescription. However, for prescription medications, we follow the regulations set by the UAE health authorities, and a valid prescription is needed.

Our pricing varies based on the product. We aim to provide competitive prices while ensuring the quality of our offerings. Feel free to ask our friendly staff for specific product prices.

We provide delivery services to the surrounding areas near Aljazzat, Sharjah. Please contact us at 06-521-3466 to inquire about delivery to your location.

Absolutely! You can reach our pharmacy team at 06-521-3466 for any questions, assistance with product recommendations, or information about our services. We’re here to help!